Community Exchange program & photos

Most parents in Ayiti (Haiti) have no means for their children to pursue their dreams. Help us support and empower young adolescent in the community of Lassère, Croix des Bouquets through IAM's exchange program where Teenagers receive basic training and education on the extraordinary virtues and usage of the Moringa Oleifera Tree as well as soccer gear & equipment, coaching, transportation to  games so they can improve their skills which are positive activities that keeps them healthy, fit and away from trouble.

1st coaching session most adolescent had no soccer shoes

1st coaching session young soccer players had no soccer gear

Young soccer players of the community of Lassère, Croix des Bouquets during a Moringa exchange program

L to R: Dr. Nicole Liautaud Poitevien M.D., Mme Lalanne & Mme Simone Duvalier (daughter)

His Excellence Ambassador Dr. Frantz Bataille M.D. between Dr. Rainer von Echlin Ph.D Co-Founder & Bernhard Henry Poitevien Founder of IAM

L to R: Shota Samkhardze, Chloe S. Diamond & Bernhard Henry Poitevien at Haitian Embassy in Berlin, Germany

Brazilian church delegation visiting an IAM moringa farm in Croix des Bouquets, Belanton, Ayiti (Haiti)

L to R: His Excellency Dr. Frantz Bataille M.D. Haitian Ambassador in Berlin, Lady Viktoria Yurievna Hanschonkoff

Bernhard Henry Poitevien (Hat) with the children of the community of Lassère, Croix des Bouquets (Place of Birth of world renowned Ayitian artist Wyclef Jean)

L to R: IAM Coach Donis Johnson & IAM Field Manager Mikelson Vivy with the IAM soccer team players

Her Excellency Xiomara Perez PanamaAmbassador & company visiting an IAM Moringa Oleifera farm in Croix des Bouquets, Ayiti 

L to R: Damien Barbera, Bernhard Henry Poitevien, Dr. Rainer von Echlin Ph.D, His Royal Highness Prince Inigo von Urach, Count of Württemberg, His Excellency Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations in Geneva Dr. Stephen Ndungu Karau M.D. 

David Perez President of Coalition of Hope & his sons Erin & Isaac with Bernhard Henry Poitevien in San Diego, California

L to R: Eva Lang Miami Socialite, Kerny Pierre-Louis IAM partner, Michael Saiber Founder & Owner of E3 Live Blue-Green Algae & Bernhard Henry Poitevien in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In Hamburg, Germany with Mike Port, Owner & President of Port International & company, His Excellency Dr. Frantz Bataille M.D. Ambassador of Haiti in Berlin, Bernhard Henry Poitevien of IAM

L to R: Jonas Sainterant & Manèl Florelus IAM farmers in Croix des Bouquets, Ayiti

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