Board of Directors

IAM Founder & Chairman of the Board of Directors –  Bernhard Henry Poitevien

Bernhard founded the International Association of Moringa (IAM) in 2007 to implement the International Association of Moringa Global Organic Initiative Now model (IAM GOIN) that emphasizes on empowering communities with solutions for: Environment, Health & Nutrition, Economy (job creation).
IAM GOIN took birth in the western hemisphere’s poorest and most deforested country; "Ayiti" (Haiti) having less then 1.3% of national forestry coverage, extreme hunger and poverty being the most critical issues.  

While forging a success story on the mother land of his parents (Ayiti) as the Pioneer of the Moringa Oleifera industry, he simultaneously influenced the entire Caribbean and Latin American region to plant this God sent Miracle tree for its capabilities on helping the core of humanity.

For him, expanding the IAM GOIN model worldwide is both an honor and symbolic gesture of giving back to Mother Nature whilst sharing health and wellness with Humanity. Evidently, he is passionate about nature and carefully has small interest in a world class copper mine.

IAM Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors – Dr. Baron Rainer Kensy von Echlin Ph.D.

After the sale of an interest in the family owned car component manufacturer Napa-Echlin on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE : ECH) Rainer became in charge of the management of the family's portfolio of assets. His philanthropy interests are documented in his work as the global coordinator for the francophone world of the Order of St John (Johanniter, Saint Jean) and his long-standing involvement in Ayiti (Haiti), especially the creation and the continuous development of the use of Moringa Oleifera, where International Association of Moringa is now the global pioneer in that field.

Before that, he was responsible for the whole value chain of Alternative Investments and sales to institutional, wholesale and private clients with firms such as most recently Bear Stearns (Set-up of BS Asset Management Europe), UBS Private Bank (Global Head of AI), RMF (CEO of research subsidiary), Salomon Brothers (Head of Sales D&CH). These senior roles at Managing Director level included marketing to UHNWI and various Board/Committee-memberships for Family Offices, Banks and Pension Funds. Prior to this, he survived an international career in Derivative Sales / Product Structuring / Portfolio Management at Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse in Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

Patron of  IAM – His Royal Highness Prince Inigo of Lithuania, Prince of Urach and Count of Württemberg (KE,CH,GE)

HRH Prince Inigo is the Patron of International Association of Moringa. A professional Army Officer, His Royal Highness holds the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel in the German Armed Forces. He oversees and participates in IAM's environmental and reforestation projects with a genuine mission to help with deforestation issues, soil erosion, rehabilitation & stabilization. He is also active in forest management in Germany and Lithuania, administering the family’s properties. He is engaged in numerous charitable and environmental organisations, and is honorary Professor (Prof. h.c. UNIA/Pucallpa/Peru) for sustainable forestry management in Peru.


IAM Member of the Board – His Excellency Dr. Frantz Bataille M.D.

Frantz is a compassionate country doctor who has traveled extensively throughout the countryside of Ayiti (Haiti) to care for villagers even in some of the most remote areas. He was appointed in 2015-2017 as Ambassador of the Republic of Haiti in Berlin, Germany where he begun to be seriously involved with the expansion of the International Association of Moringa for a healthier and better world.
Before that, he started a career with the press, precisely at the “Nouvelliste, the oldest daily Haitian centennial newspaper and later, worked at “Petit Samedi Soir” daily newspaper. For many years he was the editor-in-chief and eventually became the director of this weekly vanguard meanwhile engaging in the struggle for social justice. Arrested and expelled for a few years in May 1997 for opposing the political Lavalas regime, he aspired to return to Ayiti his dear country to resume his life of rural doctor and promote the multi usage of Moringa Oleifera with a principal focus on the health and nutritional properties of this God sent plant to humanity. Obviously, Frantz is also utterly interested in politics.

IAM Member of the Board – Govinda Arunachala (Alexis Mertens)

Govinda Arunachala is Alexis Mertens' spiritual name which he prefers to be addressed. Govinda is an environmentalist, humanist and yogi at heart. He is the founder and owner of Bioloka S.A.R.L a successful European base company that provides effective back pain relieve accessories. Prior to that, he was a successful banker in Luxembourg. In 2014, the stars aligned for Govinda and Bernhard the founder of IAM to meet which created the possibility for the company to reach the next level. He is one of IAM's principal investors.

IAM Member of the Board  Parvis Hanson

Parvis Hanson is the President of Manor Group based in Switzerland. He is a Senior Strategic Advisor to the leaderships of the leading corporations and governments from Asia, Europe and North America. Prior to founding Manor Group, Parvis Hanson was Senior Manager of the World Economic Forum, in charge of Asian affairs, Information Communication Technologies member corporations and the New Asian Leaders Community. During this time, he has developed an extensive experience and knowledge on the world's economic, business and political scene and of its key players. Under his leadership, the World Economic Forum has expanded their presence in Asia and facilitated “Davos” Summits to exchange expertise between leaders in business, government, and civil society. Mr. Hanson is also Managing Director to Book Hill Partners, who provides strategic solutions to complex problems, extensive experience at the highest levels of government and business, in the United States and around the world.

Furthermore, Parvis Hanson holds senior advisory roles to United Nations, UNCTAD, ITC, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Customs Organization, INTERPOL, International Chamber of Commerce, International Trademark Association, Monday Morning, Sustainia, TraDove, Stromasys, Naissance Capital, Swiss China Partnership Foundation and Horasis.

IAM Member of the Board Awtar Singh Khalsa

Awtar Singh is a Sikh Blues musician and teacher of Kundalini Yoga for over forty years.  Awtar brings an authentic relationship to the blues borne out of his childhood in the American South and the richness of his life’s experiences. His career spans an arc from the cotton fields, schools and churches of Arkansas to tours of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and the sacred shrines of India. His powerful voice, poetic wisdom, and masterful songwriting converge as a force of upliftment unprecedented in World Music.
At the heart of Awtar Singh’s creativity is a humble spiritual devotion.  A veteran of the Vietnam era, he forged his commitment to nonviolence on the battlefield, moving on to serve as a community organizer on the front lines of the civil rights movement. Meeting his spiritual teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, cemented his commitment to live a life devoted to freedom. Awtar Singh had the rare privilege of being taught privately by Yogi Bhajan, inspiring him to devote his life to sharing the tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation with the world -particularly those often forgotten- such as people affected by addiction, homelessness, as well as those with special needs.   
Awtar Singh’s music carries a universal appeal. He has headlined a wide range of events, from concerts in churches and colleges, to performances for civil rights groups and corporations. For many years he was a featured performer at 3HO’s Peace Prayer Day, at the personal behest of his spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan.


Life is a freedom of choice which most people can’t see
For they must get past their programming
In order to let themselves be.
But when you open up your heart
Then you will see
Nothing is separate

IAM Member of the Board Gilbert Buteau

Gilbert Buteau, an academic with a polyvalent background.

He is functional both on and off the field with a swift capacity to adapt. His skills are proven in the private, public and multinational sector notably; among other companies, he is the Co-Founder of DoLiv, a subsidiary company of the International Association of Moringa that produces highest quality organic Moringa Oleifera products in Ayiti (Haiti).

Aside from his entrepreneurial mindset, Gilbert worked for the United Nations, he was a school administrator as the principal of College Les Normaliens Reunis, a high school that was founded by his late father Mr. Emmanuel Buteau Minister of Education. Gilbert is currently, a consultant and a Technical adviser to the government of Ayiti's (Haiti) in several public and mixed entities implementing social and development programs. His competence ranges from: expert in management & evaluation, technical & financial reporting, project & budget elaboration, drafting of political documentation for public use, community development, youth integration, communication specialist, human resources management, advocacy and foreign cooperation.

With his team of dedicated experts, together, they are creating a positive change through innovation with a focus to increase Ayiti's GDP by at least 20% within a decade.

IAM World Principal Grower of Holistic Moringa Oleifera

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