Founded in 2007 simply to create a sustainable and healthier future for humanity.

IAM is principally an agri forestry, regulatory company that supplies various Organic Moringa Oleifera items, consulting and management services worldwide.

From grassroot to becoming institutional, IAM offers consultation  to the private and public sectors for awareness campaigns, brand creation (private/white labeling, etc.), Moringa Oleifera agro forestry and farming project implementation and management . IAM procures training, technical support to growers/producers , manufactures IAM Moringa products, provides master distribution services to access new markets creating economic, wellness and environmental incentives in communities  not limited to soil erosion, rehabilitation, stabilisation programs.


The possibility to build investments in association with IAM  owned farms or in conjunction with land owners and/or farmers in other tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

The trail blazing efforts of IAM has made Moringa Oleifera a big success story in Ayiti (Haiti), the Caribbean and South America providing new jobs opportunities on a daily basis exploiting Moringa Oleifera which is now becoming a prime international export commodity. 

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About IAM  (International Association of Moringa)

About IAM  (International Association of Moringa)

IAM World Principal Grower of Holistic Moringa Oleifera

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